The Reformed Presbyterian Church in Myanmar is a young church, founded in 1995 under the leadership of Dr. Tial Hlei Thanga, a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, MS, USA. They have grown to 15 organized congregations and over 20 unorganized church stations. The 16 Pastors, 10 missionaries, 5 School teachers, and 35 elders serve for some 2,000- 2500 members and regular attendances. Reformed Presbyterian Church in Myanmar appoints one evangelist in each Presbytery. The RPCM has adopted the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Larger and Shorter Catechism as their doctrinal standards. They have many opportunities to plant Reformed and Presbyterian churches in the country. Throughout the country, the RPCM has trained more than a dozen ministers, a dozen professional theological teachers and about 20 missionaries outside of RPCM in the country. The RPCM began its missionary work among the Bhamas (an ethnic group who are mainly Buddhists) in 1998.

RPCM has three Presbyteries within the General Assembly. Each presbytery meets twice in a year and the General Assembly meets in every two years. The Executive Committee meets every six months. The RPCM is looking for partnership churches around the globe. The RPCM has partnership with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) since 1987. The RPCM serves its community with medical missions since 2000 with MTW Medical Team under the auspices of the PCA. It has also started day schools and orphanages wherever critically needed in the country.